R. Matthew Bollinger is a visual artist who works conceptually with site, process and architectural metaphor. He is known primarily for his painting and drawing projects as well as public art proposals investigating art/design phenomena. Stemming from art and architecture experiences, his work engages poetic and site-specific relationships between material and concept in the domains of painting/drawing, architecture, digital technology, design systems, environmental activism, and history. The line is an obsessively recurring element of his work, metaphorically evoking psychological exploration of place, time, labour, dialogue and topography. He studied at the University of New Mexico and San Francisco Art Institute in the late 2000’s, earning a Master of Architecture in 2010 and a Master of Fine Arts in 2012. He is an Assistant Professor in the School of Arts and Humanities at Diné College, a tribally controlled academic institution serving the Navajo Nation.

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