I have taught and assisted with a variety of art and design courses at San Francisco Art Institute, the University of New Mexico, Eastern New Mexico University, Navajo Technical University, and Diné College.

Teaching Philosophy

The central tenet in my teaching philosophy is that students are exposed to both theoretical and practical problems. For this reason, I value my role as a teacher and practioner. My creative work is essential to my teaching, and my students benefit from my experience as an artist and designer. Making is thinking, as it encourages a dialectical thought process that is continuously reinventing itself to serve a functional and aesthetic end. To successfully make something that communicates intent requires a broad range of research and planning. Therefore, when I am teaching, I encourage students to focus on a system of reasoning that can be exploded, explored and eventually deciphered towards a resolved object. As a teacher, my objective is to emphasize that making is an activity that articulates process and is never static; it fluctuates with the dialogical exchange that an artist has with an idea and particular medium.

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