I have taught and assisted with a variety of art and design courses at San Francisco Art Institute, the University of New Mexico, Eastern New Mexico University, Navajo Technical University, and Diné College.

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Teaching Philosophy

The central tenet in my teaching philosophy is that students are exposed to both theoretical and practical problems. For this reason, I value my role as a teacher and practioner. My creative work is essential to my teaching, and my students benefit from my experience as an artist and designer. Making is thinking, as it encourages a dialectical thought process that is continuously reinventing itself to serve a functional and aesthetic end. To successfully make something that communicates intent requires a broad range of research and planning. Therefore, when I am teaching, I encourage students to focus on a system of reasoning that can be exploded, explored and eventually deciphered towards a resolved object. As a teacher, my objective is to emphasize that making is an activity that articulates process and is never static; it fluctuates with the dialogical exchange that an artist has with an idea and particular medium.

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